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Just Out-Diane's New Recording


 Penny For Your Thoughts



Penny For Your Thoughts

Ages 11 through adult


Diane's new CD of very personal stories of breaking down walls & building bridges between races & cultures.

 COMPACT DISC--60 mins.-$15.00 plus shipping & handling

Knick Knack Paddy Whack 2

Ages 3 & up


Thanks to the response and wonderful support for the first Knick Knack Paddy Whack recording, it has been a joy to record Knick Knack Paddy Whack 2. With Erik Pearson on banjo & guitar.

Old songs, stories, & traditions seem to die if they are not remembered and valued. This collection is designed so that young people as well as the entire family can sing, dance, & clap along with the songs, and laugh and chuckle with the stories. These songs and stories are not just for children....this is a family thing.

  COMPACT DISC--64 mins.-$15.00 plus shipping & handling


Aesop: Alive and Well

Ages 5 & up


Accompanied by Erik Pearson on vocals, banjo, guitar, and bass, and by some of Diane's very special friends.

 In this recording Diane not only tells a story about Aesop, but also adapts five of her favorite Aesop fables  with her special zest and humor. His fables have served for ages as examples of wisdom, morals, and lessons for humanity.  Aesop set the stage over two millennia ago for all storytellers to follow.


Diane's latest CD is the result of a family show that her dear friend Melba Jones asked her to perform for the Once Upon a Story Festival. Diane had so much fun adapting the fables and adding music and song that this recording was just a natural.

. . . . . All in all, this is one of the most entertaining and best produced storytelling audio presentations I have ever heard!

                        Ruth Stotter, Former Director Storytelling Program Dominican College


COMPACT DISC--53 mins.-$15.00 plus shipping & handling


Yes M'am, Respect for the Elders
Ages 8 & up

Accompanied by Erik Pearson on banjo and guitar, and by students from Meadows Livingstone School in San Francisco.

Respect for the elders is what I learned from my parents and grandparents as a child. I believe respect for others and respect for self begins with the choices we make in how we meet, greet, and talk to each other. Included are stories from African American folk tales, personal stories, fables, and even a Langston Hughes short story.

COMPACT DISC--63 mins.-$15.00 plus shipping & handling

 American Library Association Booklist Editors' Choice 2000 review:  

 Yes M'am, Respect for the Elders, Ages 5-adult; 

          Masterful storyteller Ferlatte distills much wisdom and humor in this 

          absorbing collection. Ferlatte's expert delivery ensures that full attention (and respect) 

           is paid. 

Knick Knack Paddy Whack
Ages 3 & up

Playful rendering of stories and songs for young children--and their parents! Erik Pearson on banjo
and guitar.

These songs and stories have been passed from generation to generation. I grew up hearing and singing most of these songs. As a storyteller, one of my main goals is to contribute in any way I can to the rejuvenation of storytelling and singing as a part of everyday life.

        • Parents' Choice Gold Award
        • National Parenting Publications Gold Award

COMPACT DISC--51 mins.-$15.00 plus shipping & handling


Favorite Stories
Ages 6 & up

Backed by drums, banjo, flute, and songs

Very popular mixture of African, African American, and other folktales. These stories burst with laughter and suspense, as well as lessons for children, (and adults), that have withstood the test of time.

        • Parents' Choice Gold Award
        • American Library Association Notable Recording Award

AUDIO CASSETTE--57 mins.-$10.00 plus shipping & handling

Sapelo: Time is Winding Up
Ages 8 & up

Tales from a Georgia Sea Island Backed by singers and drums.

 On January 16, 1865, General Sherman issued Special Field Order #15, ceding most of the islands in Georgia and South Carolina to the former slaves. This tape is a recording of the one-woman show Diane developed from the stories of the elderly descendants of those former slaves, who are still living on Sapelo Island.

        • American Library Association Notable Recording Award

AUDIO CASSETTE--$10.00 plus shipping & handling


Recordings can be ordered by e-mail at, and also by mail from:

Diane Ferlatte, 5836 Ocean View Dr., Oakland, CA 94618


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